'This is my style secret.' Our editor knows where to find the most elevating vases - and they're all now on sale at under $30

Don't worry, I didn't know until recently that Amazon was the best place to buy vases, either. I'd been pretty safe in the knowledge that, for affordable yet elevating touches like vases H&M was your best bet. But in fact, it's Amazon. Look among the many, many traditional ones and you'll find a trove of modern vases in minimaluxe textures and shapes.

Yes, Amazon is my style secret. And because it's Amazon Prime Day many of its vases are even more affordable than ever before. So here is my edit of the 12 best finishing touches that will instantly elevate your decor, all now for under $30. Enjoy. Flower Vase

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So I probably wouldn't style these soft pink vases with a Barbie pink wall, but put them in a more neutral scheme and you have an ever so subtle color pop. I'd also leave them empty and let the light and air through the cut-aways in their form. Pure minimaluxe beauty.

Oh these three? I found them in a little trattoria in Tuscany, a local had had them in their family for years and sold them to me in exchange for a loaf of bread. Don't you love their rustic charm? Amazon? What's that?

The modern farmhouse trend continues as its rustic familiarity feels so warm and inviting. This barrel-shaped vase would happily work on a shelf or coffee table - I'd leave it empty to truly appreciate its shape.

And you thought H&M was the best place for these curved silhouettes and tactile finishes? In fact, Amazon is a trove too, and this elevated piece is all you need to put on a entryway table for a wonderful first impression.

More irregular than the rest of the vases in this selection, but no less modern or architectural. Again, another one you could happily leave empty, the light and shadow changing throughout the day over its artfully crumpled edges.

Admittedly, these are a little wedding-y, but I don't think they have to be. In the right setting - against a rich paint color on the wall, or on top a fluted cabinet that brings the texture - they can look really expensive and luxe.

I've long been a sucker for an irregular shape and a just-out-the-kiln shiny glaze. I think there is a charm to this combination that implies a life spent trawling markets to meet the makers and buy face to face. Even if it's simply from Amazon.

The refraction of the light through this vase is so pretty - making it perfect as part of a tabletop display. At lunch, on a rough linen tablecloth, with summer blooms in it, it feels so elegantly relaxed.

A departure for me (I'm slightly pattern phobic) even I find the joy in these brightly colored lines. For me, it would be an accent piece in a colorful but otherwise un-patterned space - soft green walls, stone finishes, a jute rug. This would be the piece the lifts the lot.

Price: $19.99 Was: $24.99 This honeyed amber tone is so good. Its warm and soft, inviting and smart, rich and subtle all at the same time. Sandy tones are big news for 2024 - kickstart the color trend off now.

Saving one of the best to (almost) last, I adore the chunkiness of this shape which looks so good as a centerpiece on a round table. Leave it empty or add a couple of stems - it's pretty perfect either way.

Stoneware Plates Ok, so you like the ridges of that amber vase from earlier but not so sure about the hue? Don't worry, it comes in an opulent forest green too, one of the colors that makes a house look expensive just by glinting softly in its dark, jewel-like way.